The Sofa Saga Part 1

We tossed our old couch before we PCS’d back in June, because to put it nicely, the thing was a piece of shit. We bought it new for about $300, which probably tells you about how well made it was. We got a good 2 years use out of it, but by the time we said buh-bye it was covered in stains, and one of the springs had popped and would poke you in the butt whenever you sat down.

Once we finally arrived at our new duty station (almost 7 months after we departed our old one), my first house related priority was to find a new couch. I had a price range in mind (originally $700, but I bumped it up to $1000), and a general idea of what I wanted (large sectional, not overstuffed, preferably with a mid century modern vibe, and that would actually fit where we needed it), but I was having a really difficult time finding something that met all of those criteria. Mostly because sectionals are freaking expensive! There was one that I knew I liked, the Karlstad from IKEA, but we’re about 8 hours from the nearest IKEA, so that didn’t seem like a viable option.

karlstad stock

But then something funny happened, I spent a month using an air mattress as living room furniture, and my search for a suitable sofa continued to disappoint, so I began to reconsider the Karlstad. We could drive to Denver or Dallas, but we’d have to factor in not only the cost of the couch, but also the cost of gas for a not very fuel efficient truck, plus a nights stay in a hotel. That or we’d have to suck it up and pay $350 for shipping. After a little mathing, we decided that a voyage to the great Swedish super store was going to cost us just as much money, and way more effort than just ordering it online. So we did. We paid $350 for shipping. I have never paid that much for shipping before, and I probably never will again. But to be totally honest, even with shipping costs, this sofa was a great deal. I do have some complaints to make about IKEA’s shipping department (but not the delivery guys, they were great), but I’ll save that rant for another day.

Our IKEA delivery finally arrived on Feb 26th (after ordering it on the 6th – but I said I wasn’t going to get into that). It arrived about 10 minutes after my husband left for work. I promised him that I wouldn’t try to assemble it without him because 1. I’ve had a recent streak of bad luck when it comes to assembling and or not breaking things, and 2. I’m tiny and clumsy and would most likely end up in the emergency room. But I only promised that I wouldn’t assemble it – I didn’t say anything about unpacking and roughly arranging it. This is what our place looked like when he got home for lunch that day. (I recovered everything in plastic to keep the dogs away). Once he headed back to work, I took a very long nap, because couch unpacking is apparently quite exhausting.


When he got home from work that night we assembled the couch. There are no assembly pictures because, well, I was kind of too busy assembling.  I did however get pictures of the finished project the following day.


(Yes that’s the mindy project on TV.)


I LOVE this couch. It’s the perfect size, and it’s surprisingly comfortable. The only thing I’m not in love with are those cheapo looking IKEA legs, but as of this writing we’ve already taken care of that. We stole the ideas of many a genius IKEA hacker, and swapped out those blocky legs for something a little more sexy. Details to come in The Sofa Saga Part 2


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